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Apen APE Ripper 1.05

A fast and reliable tool to split your APE files and convert them into MP3
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Apen APE Ripper is a fast and reliable tool that transforms your APE files into MP3 audio files, so that you can enjoy your music in a wider range of players. This audio transcoder supports CUE files, allowing you to split APE album files into individual MP3 tracks. Alternatively, you can select and convert specific sections of larger APE files.

As it happens with other lossless codecs (such as FLAC), and despite its proven high audio quality, APE files are playable in a very limited number of devices. As most car stereos and MP3 players do not support these audio files, Apen APE Ripper offers you the possibility of converting your APE music collection into MP3, thus allowing you to listen to your music almost anywhere.

Despite its name, its ripping capabilities are actually very scarce – in fact, more than a tool that allows you to rip music from different media into APE format, this application is basically designed as an audio file splitter and MP3 converter. Therefore, if your collection of APE files is already split into tracks, you will not need Apen APE Ripper, but just any fast APE-to-MP3 converter. However, its support of CUE files makes it the right piece of software to convert full APE albums into separate MP3 files, offering a high level of quality, and performing both tasks simultaneously in just a few seconds. Once both the APE and the CUE files have been loaded, you have the possibility of converting all the tracks in the album or just a selection. If there is no CUE file available, you can always split it into tracks manually by giving the start and end times of every track in minutes and seconds. This option is also very useful to extract and convert into MP3 any section of an existing APE file.
The MP3 output quality supports basic customisation. The program allows you to select between constant and variable bit rates, and to determine the sampling rate and the number of channels to be used during the encoding process. You an also set the level of quality to apply to the resulting MP3 files.

Francisco Martínez
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  • CUE file support
  • Manual track splitting functionality allows you to select and convert specific sections of the APE file
  • Well-structured interface with clear and easy-to-use functionality


  • Its lack of playback capabilities makes it difficult to split tracks accurately in manual mode
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